Milkyway Long Necklace

✳︎ Story

짧게 두 줄로도, 길게 늘어뜨려 레이어드용으로도
활용 가능한 2way 롱 네크리스입니다.
옐로와 실버 컬러의 투톤 콤비의 모티브와
퀄리티 좋은 진주가 리듬감 있게 배치되어
어느 컬러 어떤 스타일에나 쉽고 특별하게 연출 가능하며
얼굴을 더욱 화사하게 돋보이게 해줍니다.

It can be used as a necklace for
layering by hanging it in two short lines or
by hanging it long.
This is a 2way long necklace.
The motif of the two-tone combination of
yellow and silver color and high-quality pearls.
It is arranged in a rhythmic sense and
can be easily and specially produced in
any color and any style.
It makes the face stand out more radiantly.

✳︎ Material

18K gold plated
Swarovski pearl 6mm 

✳︎ Size

Main motif: Star 6.5 mm, Bar 20mm
Length: 104 cm
Weight: ± 22.2 g

✳︎ Delivery

About 10 to 14days

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