[TWICE Dahyun] Trust Signature Silver Necklace
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✳︎ Story

무지갯빛으로 빛나는 아름다운 자개와
중심의 진주를 향해 뻗어나가는 빛, 섬세하고 견고한 아우트라인은
스스로를 향한 애정과 강한 믿음을 닮았습니다.

바깥 부분의 계산된 디자인의 여백과
개성이 강하지 않지만 커팅이 들어간 체인,
펜던트의 크기에 비해 가벼운 무게감은
캐주얼부터 드레시한 의상에까지 자연스레 어우러져
매일 착용해도 질리지 않고 특별한 무드를 더해줍니다.

The beautiful mother-of-pearl shining in rainbow colors,
the light extending toward the central pearl, and the
delicate and solid outer line resemble affection
for herself and strong faith.

The space and individuality of the calculated design
on the outside are not strong, but the weight is light compared
to the size of the cut chain and pendant
The combination of casual and dressy clothes naturally adds a
special mood without getting tired of wearing them every day.

✳︎ Material

Silver 925
Swarovski Pearl (main)
Mother of pearl

✳︎ Size

Main pendant: 23 mm x 40 mm
Length: 62.5 cm ( 55 cm x 7.5 cm )
Weight: ± 12.3 g

✳︎ Delivery

About 10 to 14days

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