CHBR Charm Gypsy Bracelet 1

✳︎ Story

5가지의 다양한 펜던트가 달린 참 펜던트 팔찌입니다.
각각의 의미가 담긴 펜던트가 흔들릴 때마다,
나에게 그 의미를 더욱 각인시켜 기분 좋은 알람을 줍니다.
마감장식을 원하는 체인에 걸어 사이즈 조절이 용이하며,
발찌로도 착용 가능한 디자인입니다.

Charm pendant bracelet with 5 different pendants.
Each time the pendant with its own meaning shakes,
it imprints its meaning on me and gives a pleasant alarm.
It is easy to adjust the size by hanging it on the chain
you want the finishing decoration on,
and it is a design that can be worn as an anklet.

✳︎ Material

Silver 925

Fresh water pearl

✳︎ Size

Main pendant:    

/rose  11 mm x  12.7 mm

/lock   9 mm x  18.5 mm

/star   8 mm x  11 mm

Length: 17 cm

Weight:  ± 12 g

✳︎ Delivery

About 10 to 14days

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